Custom Start-Up Screen for the Kenwood TH-D72 It took a long time for me to successfully create a custom start- up screen for the D72. The owner’s manual says the screen should be saved as a 120 x 48 pixel, 1-bit bitmap, but the resulting file was not recognized by the MCP-4A programming software. I eventually discovered that such a file created in Paint would work but the same file created in PhotoShop CS4 would not. Actually, even a successful file created in Paint which was opened and then “Saved as” in PhotoShop without making any changes would not work. So, apparently, PhotoShop adds something to the file (metadata?) that makes it incompatible with the D72. Go figure. Here’s what I came up with. Sure, it’s only on the screen for two seconds each time you turn on the radio, but it’s much, MUCH NICER looking than the default image. “Bike 1.4” is the programmable start-up message in the MCP-4A and it tells me which version of the settings, memories etc. I have loaded into the radio. In this case it’s a version I like for bicycle mobile use, as opposed to pedestrian or portable use.
K9WX-7 APRS: Automatic Packet Reporting System
Setting up my bicycle mobile station, operating as K9WX- 7, was actually easier then setting up my car. Go figure. Equipment: o Radio: Kenwood TH-D72 o Radio mount: Lido motorcycle handlebar mount o Antenna: Diamond NR770HB o Bike: TREK 7200 o Rack: ToPeak MTX Beam Rack My bicycle mobile setup is a great performer. At 5 watts, it does better than a lot of automobile installations running higher power. I attribute my success to three things: o The use of a half wavelength antenna o A proper length cable between the radio and the antenna. o Mounting the antenna on a “boom” that keeps my body from blocking the signal or detuning the antenna. The best web site I found for bicycle mobile was: Check out the article referenced there by W8HI. As of September 2012 you could download it from the GOBA site. You can also find a copy here:
K9WX Amateur Radio