A Bit of History In 9th grade, I joined the radio club at Test Junior High School in Richmond, IN. I joined because my friends were joining. I didn’t have much interest in radio. One of the requirements of membership was learning Morse Code. I couldn’t. Maybe the fact that I never studied in order to learn it was part of my problem. Within a few weeks I was booted from the radio club. So, even then, I was no stranger to failure. Fast forward to 1984. I became the staff advisor to a student organization at Purdue University that included a ham radio club, W9CLY. My interest in radio was rekindled but I did not have the time then to pursue it. I found the time in 1993 and was first licensed as N9UXK, a Technician Plus. I soon upgraded to General Class, then Advanced (KF9WX) and earned an Extra Class license in 1994. I acquired the K9WX vanity call sign in 1996. I’m interested in a number of facets of ham radio but, historically, my greatest interest is contesting. I also chase some DX if it doesn’t get in the way of a good contest and completed 5BDXCC in August of 2016. I also completed DXCC Challenge in December 2016. My antennas are limited so I favor domestic contests and work mostly CW and RTTY events. I usually operate SO2R during a contest to help maximize my score. I retired from Purdue in July 2014 after a 37-year career and am looking forward to being able to spend more time in the shack. I’m on the Board of Directors for the Society of Midwest Contesters, I’m currently the Editor of Solid Copy, the CWops monthly newsletter and I’m also the manager of the NAQP Challenge.
Contact Info: Tim Gennett, K9WX 1914 Arrowhead Drive West Lafayette, IN 47906 USA County: Tippecanoe Grid: EN60lk CQ Zone: 4 IARU Zone: 8 TimK9WX at geemail dot com QSL: Direct, Buro or LOTW
The highly sought-after K9WX QSL card. You can QSL direct, via Buro or via LOTW.
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